Timo Krotzky

In 2017, I have moved back to Germany to work with B. Braun Avitum first as a Product & Development Manager for Clinical Information Systems and then switched to the area of Automated Infusion Systems.

In 2015, I left the University of Marburg to join the team of the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (UK) in order to work as a Research and Applications Scientist focusing on software development in Life Sciences.

In my scientific work I focused on the comparison of protein binding sites, a major topic in early-stage drug discovery. Here, searching for similar binding sites can help to predict side effects, annotate a function to hitherto orphan proteins and also provide valuable ideas for drug repurposing.

Earlier, I have also worked on the integration of geometrical preferences into DrugScore Xtended (DSX), a widely used (re)scoring function for docking solutions. The original implementation of DSX has therefore been enhanced by an additional evaluation of hydrogen-bond patterns formed between the receptor pocket and the ligand molecule.

In the past, I was working in the area of web and database development. The article about Web Performance Optimization (WPO) has been selected for an oral presentation during the Developer Week (DWX) 2013 held in Nuremberg.

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